yofa-unconditional-love-projectThe YOFA Unconditional Love Project

  • A free service for individuals on the autistic spectrum. In gratitude for the lesson of unconditional love, this is an offering of unconditional love.

Love is the most powerful healing agent.

  • This website offers an experiment in spiritual healing.
  • The purpose is to offer the healing balm of unconditional love as a form of spiritual treatment for individuals on the autistic spectrum.
  • The intention is to be of service to the highest good for these people and their families.
  • At this time, there is no fee for this service.

Autism – A Note to Parents

The YOFA “Unconditional Love Project” offered through this website is intended specifically for children (but there is no age limit) on the autistic spectrum.

By your participation you are granting your permission for me to offer these remote Inner Alignment sessions for your child. While I cannot guarantee noticeable results, I would not put my time and energy into this project if I were not expecting profound benefit for everyone touched by this process.  I will depend on you, the parents, to report any beneficial changes you see in your child’s mood, behavior, and/or ability to communicate.  In fact, you are a vital part of this process because your feedback will expose the areas where this system is most beneficial, specifically for those who are on the autistic spectrum. (Click here to see feedback on the YOFA jhe Sessions from the general population.)

DISCLAIMER- PLEASE NOTEI am not a medical doctor, psychologist, or in any way a specialist on the subject of autism.  This service is offered for general well being and does not diagnose nor treat medical conditions.

Are You in the Right Place?

This free service is offered exclusively for children on the autistic spectrum. All others who are interested in signing up for YOFA Inner Alignment Sessions for any other reason, please use the main website at www.AlignmentforHealing.com Thank You!

How it Works: What You Do

Once you register (simple 2 step process), your work is done.  All you have to do is watch for positive changes in your child’s expression.  I am counting on you to come back to this site regularly to post your updates.  You do not need to post your child’s name when you offer your updates.  This can all be done anonymously since I am simply looking for results. So, basically you do 3 things in order to participate in this experiment:

  1. Click here to register (2 simple steps)
  2. Watch for results
  3. Click here to post your observations

How it Works: What I Do

I will be doing remote Inner Alignment sessions for everyone in this project simultaneously. You can think of these as remote healing sessions or as prayer treatments.  These sessions offer an energetic template of Inner Alignment that allows energy to flow.  This enhanced Inner Alignment allows the individual’s talent, joy, and brilliance to express harmoniously.

Periodically, I will communicate with you via email so that you know what to look for and what to expect as a result.

What to Expect

YOFA remote Inner Alignment Sessions (or YOFA jhe Sessions) have been helping people around the globe to express physical and emotional healing, loving relationships, financial prosperity, and spiritual awakening.  This is the first time I am offering a branch of the jhe Sessions for a specific group of people living a specific challenge.  I expect the results to fall into the same categories of manifestation as they have for others (spiritual upliftment, helaing, and joyful journey), but within the specific priorities of this group.

I am offering this “Unconditional Love Project” with the expectation that these sessions will promote the following avenues of joyful harmonious expressiveness (jhe) in those who participate:

  1. Greater access to joy, happiness, and inner peace
  2. Greater ability to connect with others in a way that is based in love and kindness (and to elicit this from others)
  3. More articulate and fluid use of verbal language
  4. More satisfying expression of talents
  5. More balanced functioning – physically and emotionally
  6. Greater attraction of that which is needed for full self expression
  7. More harmonious interface with the world

It is through your observations and comments that we will see where the strongest results are visible.

Uniqueness and Evolution

This site does not propose a “cure” for autism, but rather an energy-offering that promotes the most natural and beneficial evolution of each person’s journey. Within this offering is the understanding that everything happens for a reason, that every moment and every occurrence has a perfect place in the Divine Unfolding, and that your child is no exception.  And so rather than trying to fix something that is broken, here we take the approach that each child is a magnificent and unique expression of human potential. These sessions are offered to promote the most soul-satisfying evolution of his or her soul’s journey and the most pure and love-filled life expression for everyone who comes in contact with this process.

Those with children on the autistic spectrum who feel resonant with the intention of this Unconditional Love Project are invited to register here.

By the way, my name is Rebbie Straubing.  You can find out more about me and YOFA at www.YOFA.net

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  1. Hi Rebbie!

    I find this all so exciting! – for you and I appear to be on the same mission – “To help raise the consciousness of humanity to an awareness of the Power of Love”.

    I would like to extend to you a cordial invite to join another group of “Love addicts” at our site – “Love is The Answer”


    We would LOVE to see you there 🙂

    If nothing else, know that you are not alone!

    ~Thankyou for everything you do~

    Love and Blessings,
    Michael Goebel,

  2. i didn’t mean to join this.. my children are not autistic… i misread the info.

    i have a daughter in the army and one about to go off to college and would love energy work for them.. does this cover that as well??


    1. Hi Patrice,

      No problem, I will take you off the list. You can find out how to become an active member in the YOFA jhe Sessions at http://alignmentforhealing.com There is a fee for this service and I do a session 8x/month.

      I also do a free session 1x/month. You can sign up for the free membership at http://yofatraining.com

      Thanks for your interest!

      Love and Blessings,

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