Unconditional Love Project News: Email Updates

A Note to Members:

The Unconditional Love Project is really very simple.

I include the children who are registered in the project when I do a YOFA jhe Session but I don’t charge you and I rarely send you updates.

You see, I send an update to the regular members every time I do a session. But since these updates are not geared for children and are not framed in the context of the concerns of an autistic child, I have not been sending you these emails.

Well, today, I changed my mind about this.

I decided that I will start sending you updates and let you decide whether it is helpful to you or not.

I will be leaving it up to you to translate my messages into what is meaningful to you.

You see, these sessions happen in the realm of energy. They are abstract offerings. So when I write the session updates, I am interpreting the energy and translating it into something that speaks to the typical member.

I have trusted that with the extraordinary abilities of the autistic community that emails were not necessary for these children to receive the benefits.

You Now Get Email Updates

But today I got a strong sense that the parents would benefit from knowing what improvements to watch for. So, even though you may not always know how to apply what I am saying to your child’s situation, I think you will get the general tone of the session and you will be able to see the effects in your child’s sense of well being and improved experience in the world.

So watch for my emails and remember to take the essence of what I am saying rather than the specifics and watch for those results in your child.

Then let me know. (Leave a comment below.)

Do you find it more helpful to get these updates?

If so I will continue to send them.

Do you find the emails more confusing and hard to apply to your situation? If so I will go back to leaving this process in the unspoken realm.

You let me know.

You’ll be getting your first update today.

With Love,

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  1. I would like to get updates for the Unconditional Love Project. I actually forgot that you were including the children in the jhe sessions. When I had signed up my teenage son for the sessions, we unable to have a conversation. I was not able to talk to him without defensiveness or an argument erupting. Now we have fun and interesting conversations and he has become very loving. To have a discussion with him without a never ending barrage of excuses and arguments is priceless. Thank You

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