Autism Responds to YOFA Inner Alignment Sessions

Success!I have good news for you today.

Our experiment is a huge success.

The Unconditional Love Project Survey results are in and 95.5% of the participants saw improvement in this short period of time.  And it gets better: 100% of the children whose caregivers filled out the survey showed improvement. I will be posting all the numbers very soon.

In a nutshell…

=== This works. ===


For now, you can rest assured that I will continue what I am doing.  So keep watching for results, for improvements, and for hugs and laughs and words.

Since I have decided to keep going for now, you can tell others and encourage them to sign up here at:

Thank you for your openness and participation!

With Love and Appreciation,

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  1. Thank you Rebbie for the beautiful meditation. I will be using it for my son and my stepson and stepdaughter. None have autism, but I feel all children and parents can benefit from these wonderful unconditional basic truths to help bring us through to what is most important….joyful harmonious expressiveness!!!

    Light and Love,


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