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The Unconditional Love Project is a free service for families living with autism.

Parents, sign up (on the sidebar) for your child who is on the autism spectrum.

You will receive an email update twice a week letting you know the theme of the jhe session that was done for your child.  Look around the website to see what it’s all about.

Use the free video meditation.

Download the research report.

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Unconditional Love Project News: Email Updates

A Note to Members:

The Unconditional Love Project is really very simple.

I include the children who are registered in the project when I do a YOFA jhe Session but I don’t charge you and I rarely send you updates.

You see, I send an update to the regular members every time I do a session. But since these updates are not geared for children and are not framed in the context of the concerns of an autistic child, I have not been sending you these emails.

Well, today, I changed my mind about this.

I decided that I will start sending you updates and let you decide whether it is helpful to you or not.

I will be leaving it up to you to translate my messages into what is meaningful to you.

You see, these sessions happen in the realm of energy. They are abstract offerings. So when I write the session updates, I am interpreting the energy and translating it into something that speaks to the typical member.

I have trusted that with the extraordinary abilities of the autistic community that emails were not necessary for these children to receive the benefits.

You Now Get Email Updates

But today I got a strong sense that the parents would benefit from knowing what improvements to watch for. So, even though you may not always know how to apply what I am saying to your child’s situation, I think you will get the general tone of the session and you will be able to see the effects in your child’s sense of well being and improved experience in the world.

So watch for my emails and remember to take the essence of what I am saying rather than the specifics and watch for those results in your child.

Then let me know. (Leave a comment below.)

Do you find it more helpful to get these updates?

If so I will continue to send them.

Do you find the emails more confusing and hard to apply to your situation? If so I will go back to leaving this process in the unspoken realm.

You let me know.

You’ll be getting your first update today.

With Love,

“Love Me For Who I Am”


My friend Brady has been a musical inpiration to me for years, and now he has a new album called Love Me for Who I Am .  I know you’re going to love it.  Have a listen… (Click here to preview the songs on Amazon.)

And while you’re bopping along to the music, you can download the Unconditional Love Project research and share it freely with anyone you think will benefit.

Love is the Answer,

The YOFA® Unconditional Love Project for Autism

yofa-unconditional-love-infoThe YOFA® Unconditional Love Project for autism is a free service for children and adults on the autism spectrum.

When you sign up (on the sidebar of this site) you become part of a group of people who are receiving YOFA® remote inner alignment sessions.

What is YOFA®?

YOFA® is a system of inner alignment that promotes:

~ Spiritual awareness
~ Healing
~ And joyful manifestation of the heart’s desires including:
* Loving relationships
* Financial prosperity
* And more

You can learn the basic concepts behind this system as well as a step-by-step meditation practice to cultivate your own inner alignment in the book Rooted in the Infinite.

What are Remote Inner Alignment Sessions?

Several years ago, I began offering sessions of Inner Alignment as a form of remote treatment, similar to affirmative prayer treatment.

By remote, I mean that the person receiving the session does not have to be near me.  In fact, I have had people receive benefit from these sessions on every continent except Antarctica!

It works across oceans because the essence of these sessions happens in a realm where space and time are less significant than intention and resonance.  And by signing up for these sessions, your intention and resonance bring you into a powerful relationship with the intention of the sessions.

What is the Intention of the Sessions?

The intention of the YOFA® Inner Alignment Sessions is very simple.  It’s all about bringing you into alignment with your own essence so that you become more truly you.  You gain access to the joyful harmonious expressiveness that is unique to your innate brilliance.

What does all this have to do with autism?

Really, it has nothing to do autism, specifically.  But one day I decided to offer these sessions for people living with autism.  It was an experiment to see if these kids would benefit in a way that would bring them into greater connection and communication with their parents and others.

Amazingly enough, the results were strong, consistent, and worthy of further exploration.

And so, I am continuing to offer these sessions at no charge for children and adults on the spectrum.

If you have any questions, I invite you post them on the parents’ page.

I look forward to hearing about your child’s enhanced well-being as a result of the YOFA® Unconditional Love Project.

You can sign up on the sidebar of this website.

Love is the Answer,

PS – Whether or not you decide to sign up, feel free to use the meditation.

DISCLAIMER- PLEASE NOTE:  I am not a medical doctor, psychologist, or in any way a specialist on the subject of autism.  This service is offered for general well being and does not diagnose nor treat medical conditions.

Autism Responds to YOFA Inner Alignment Sessions

Success!I have good news for you today.

Our experiment is a huge success.

The Unconditional Love Project Survey results are in and 95.5% of the participants saw improvement in this short period of time.  And it gets better: 100% of the children whose caregivers filled out the survey showed improvement. I will be posting all the numbers very soon.

In a nutshell…

=== This works. ===


For now, you can rest assured that I will continue what I am doing.  So keep watching for results, for improvements, and for hugs and laughs and words.

Since I have decided to keep going for now, you can tell others and encourage them to sign up here at:


Thank you for your openness and participation!

With Love and Appreciation,

All You Need is Love

The YOFA Unconditional Love Project is working!

I thought you’d enjoy this video because it expresses the healing power of Love.  It was intended for awareness of AIDS in Africa, which is not our particular focus, but Love is Love and Healing is Healing.

I hope you feel the spirit of Love in this song and know that this is the Love Power that is working right now for your beautiful child and for the wonderful adults in the project.

All You Need is Love,

Energy Healing for Autism

An Invitation to Parents of Children on the Autistic Spectrumloveheals

Free Remote Inner Alignment Sessions for Your Child

February 13 – March 13

SIGN UP NOW ===>>>

The YOFA System of Inner Alignment is a method that leads to joy, inner peace, healing, authentic, loving relationships, prosperity, expressions of talents, and much more.

It is a metaphysical process that brings your energy field into alignment with your inner truth so that life force can flow unimpeded.

When you come into alignment with your essence in this way, you heal.  I like to call healing a state of  “joyful harmonious expressiveness” or “jhe.”  It is the vibrant state of living that brings a smile to your face, puts pep in your step, and gives your heart access to unconditional love.

I developed this system out of a long inner journey of my own healing.  That process continues to deepen and expand day by day and so the YOFA system is constantly evolving.  Over time I began offering remote Inner Alignment sessions and I found that people all over the world, regardless of location, age, culture, or even the nature of the challenge they were living, were able to receive benefit from this process.

And so it occurred to me, “What would happen if I offered these sessions to those who are said to be on the ‘autistic spectrum’?”

These remote sessions that I call the YOFA jhe Sessions  have worked for many people.  But what about these extraordinary little ones?  Would it make a noticeable beneficial contribution to their lives and their relationships with their families and the world?

I thought this was a question worth asking.

And so, as a birthday present to myself, I am launching a new experiment.  I am giving myself the gift of finding out if I can be of service to a new group of people and I am calling it the YOFA Unconditional Love Project.

Here is how it works:

For one month (from February 13 to March 13, 2010) I will do free remote Inner Alignment sessions for children (or adults) on the autistic spectrum. To sign up, see sidebar.

As the month  moves forward, I will ask the participating parents for feedback.  At the end of the month we will evaluate the results of the project and decide whether to move forward or not.

To Parents:

Find out more about the YOFA jhe Sessions HERE

Sign up on the sidebar of this website.

If you see even a glimmer of benefit from this free service (which I expect you will), please leave your comments on this site and I will extend it.

If you have questions about this (I know it is a bit out of the ordinary) post them as comments below and I will answer your questions here.

Some Background:

In the YOFA system there are two avenues offered that lead to a state of Inner Alignment:

  1. Meditation – The first is a meditation system that is described in the book Rooted in the Infinite.  This is something you can do for yourself.
  2. Remote Sessions – The second avenue into Inner Alignment is via the YOFA remote inner  alignment sessions. This is something I do for you and it can carry you farther in your own alignment process, faster, and with more ease.

Inner Alignment leads to a satisfying life journey.

This is true for everyone.

And so it must also be true for  children (or adults) on the autistic spectrum.

Of course, the way your child expresses the benefit from this process may be very different from how people have responded in the past.  The uniqueness of your child has a chance to flourish into radiant joy, or inner peace, or greater ability to communicate as he or she comes into alignment.

I encourage you to read the book, Rooted in the Infinite, so that you have a broad overview of the purpose, focus, and method of this system.  I look forward to reading your comments, feedback, and insights.

With Love and Appreciation,
Rebbie Straubing